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Cheap Alternative Fuel Diesel Fuel Substitute: Stay Planted!

Saturday, 19 - February - 2005,

Yesterday afternoon to evening, the auditorium of the School of Business and Management (SBM) ITB seemed satisfied by many researchers, ITB, government officials, parliament members, journalists, researchers from LIPI and other universities, and researchers from Japan. Dated February 18, 2005, new fuel is introduced environmentally friendly. Fuel that was developed by researchers at the ITB and the Mitsubishi Research Institute is just using jatropha oil extraction yield is scientifically known as jatropha. Oil from jatropha seeds can be used as a direct substitute for diesel oil used for diesel engines.

The development of this research project started in 2004, with sponsored by NEDO, New Energy and Technology Development Organization. As a regional supplier of castor seeds, NTT was chosen because it was a lot of Jatropha grows wild in the province. During this time, besides growing wild in a lot of bare land in the province, by the people of NTT, jatropha plant is only used as a fence. "I used could also be an instrument of enlightenment," said Frans Lebu Raya, the present Deputy Governor of NTT, "Seeds of jatropha tingling like satay and then burned." In culture, the gourd is already familiar with the people of NTT. In addition to this, jatropha is also known Naturalife Greenworld treatment resources, especially for skin diseases, relieves pain, and laxatives. However, the presence of petrol and diesel are subsidized to make the community NTT Indonesian society overall-and-forget plants that store large potential for this.

Results of performance tests of castor oil is indeed amazing. Pure castor oil (straight jatropha oil) BD 100 will have the same performance with diesel oil. Party central government itself, yesterday, among others, represented by Dr. Yogo Pratomo, Director General of the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources, Directorate General of Electricity and Energy Utilization and Dr. Luluk Sumiarso, Jentral Secretary Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, express promise that the government will assist the development and dissemination of this alternative fuel. This was mainly supported by the production of castor oil prices that compete with the price of diesel fuel without subsidies. Prices of castor oil production is maximum USD 1000/kg, meanwhile, the price of diesel fuel without subsidies reach USD 1600/kg. "What needs to consider the stability of oil supplies certainly stay at this distance," said Yogo.

Mindu Sianipar, chairman of the House of Representatives Commission IV that one of its tasks manage the problem of agriculture is also very supportive of and grateful to the researchers from ITB and Mitsubishi. "This is not just a business issue," said Mindu, "but also help the villagers." On this occasion, Mindu also expect the use of castor oil used as fuel for diesel-powered fishing vessels. The important thing to consider also is the legal umbrella for this product. "Oil and Gas Law will make Pertamina to intervene in this product," said Mardjono, a member of another House of Representatives Commission IV, "It should benefit this product can be used as much as possible to improve the welfare of poor rural communities."

Research headed by Dr. Robert Manurung, from the Department of Chemical Engineering, ITB is one of several energy alternatives that are developed by ITB "We are also developing other alternative fuels. For example, biodiesel and fuel ethanol from cassava," said Dr. Faith Reksowardojo, chief Motor Fuels and Propulsion Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering Department of ITB, which is also a member of the research team was castor oil.

According to Robert, the main advantage is its processing of castor oil is cheap and simple. "Biodiesel machines were difficult to operate," he said, "The installation could not be done by the farmers. With castor oil, do not need to replace the engine, just with ordinary diesel engines. Replace all diesel oil with diesel, that's all."

Another major contribution of the ITB for the nation was revealed yesterday. In the middle of the issue of reduction in fuel subsidies, cheap fuel and environmentally friendly work of researchers of this ITB will provide a fresh breeze for the Indonesian people, especially people who depend on a weak economy with diesel, such as motor boats and fishermen to farmers for rice milling. In the meantime, bare land, particularly in parts of eastern Indonesia will be able to function as an organized distance cultivation areas. Obviously this will increase the welfare of the people in the area. Do not need mine anymore. Simply plant it!

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