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Sea water: alternative fuels

Someday, you may see a seal that surrounds many refueling stations. That's because it's not the smell of gasoline, but rather the smell of the beach is more pronounced at the pump.

John Kanzius, 63 years old, has succeeded in creating alternative fuels from seawater. By coincidence, this broadcast technicians discovered something amazing. In the right conditions, sea water can be lit with extraordinary temperature. With some modifications, did not rule in the future, this can be made as an alternative fuel for motor vehicles.

Kanzius journey into the surprising inspiration began when she was diagnosed with leukemia in 2003. Faced with exhausting chemotherapy treatment, she chose to try to find a better alternative in destroying cancer cells. Then in comes with a tool Radio Frequency Generator (RFG), a machine that produces radio waves and memancarkannya to a particular area. Kanzius use RFG to heat small metallic particles inserted into tumors, destroying tumor cells without damaging normal cells.

But, what is the link between cancer with sea water fuel?

During experiments with RFG, he found that RFG can cause water to be around a test tube to condense. If the RFG could cause water to condense, this should be also to separate salt from sea water. Perhaps, this can be used to download desalinitasi seawater. An old proverb about the sea, "Water, water everywhere, and no one can tetespun drunk."

Some countries experiencing drought and the majority of people suffering from hunger, while 70% of the earth is the ocean that in fact is the water. An effective method for removing salt from sea water could save countless lives. So no wonder if Kanzius tried his instruments for the purpose of RFG desalinitasi seawater.

In the first test, he noticed a surprising side effect. When he directed his RFG on the jar containing sea water, water flowed like a boil. Kanzius then test again. Currently with the burning of paper and touching tisue into the sea water being in firing by the RFG. He was very surprised, sea water in the tubes remain lit on fire and ignited while the RFG.

At first news of this experiment is considered a lie, but after chemical experts from Penn State University conducted this experiment, it turns out it was true. RFG can burn seawater. The flame can reach 3000 degrees Fanrenheit and burned during the RFG ignited.

Then how is the sea water can burn? And what if the throw cigarette butts into the sea does not cause the earth to explode?

This is all related to hydrogen. Under normal circumstances, the composition of sea water has sodium chloride (salt) and hydrogen, oxygen (water) is stable. Owned radio waves from Kanzius RFG disrupt that stability, decided that there are chemical bonds in seawater. This release volatile hydrogen molecules, and the heat out of the RFG trigger and burn rapidly.

So will the future will be a car or motorcycle use sea water instead of gasoline?

If this technology could actually be realized, the world has no need to worry anymore with the energy crisis.

Bravo ..!!! science

source: http://auto.howstuffworks.com/

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